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Exactly what are moon rocks and how do you smoke them?

Have you been so high that you couldn’t sense your eye-brows, even if you physically touch them? Or else, consider using tobacco moon rocks and I ensure you’ll arrive. Two months after the first time smoking cigarettes them, I had been still unable to find my facial features. (Worth it, anyway.) Acquire more information about Moonrock flavors

What are moon rocks?

The foundation of moon rocks (the weed form) is a little fuzzy, but rumors are readily available that the dispensary Starbudz760 first concocted them, with impressive West Coast rapper Kurupt popularizing the product and trademarking his own model called Kurupt Moonrock.

Moon rocks really are a THC megazord: They are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil, then rolled in kief. In the past GSC is used, but any strain will suffice.

How powerful are moon rocks?

Even though potency of each batch of moon rocks can vary and depends upon how it’s made and who produces it, the general agreement is because they hover around 50Percent THC. For reference, most flower averages around 20% THC. Each strike is damn near its own practical experience.

As well as the high? Oh yeah good friend, oh yeah pal, never even get me going on the high. Beginning in the go and finally distributing through the entire body, to your feet, a moon rock high can be a slow burn that will make you realize you’ve achieved a mountaintop that you is probably not ready to go up.

I once smoked a gram of moon rocks at 5pm, and when I woke up the next morning at 7 am, I found myself still on Mars expecting the teach back to Earth.

Pros and cons of using tobacco moon rocks


They will get you super duper high

Expense effective—just like dabs, somewhat moves a long way

Ideal for medical people or another folks who require a high serving of THC

They’re an entertaining novelty and good dialogue-beginner


They will get you super duper high (not often a good thing for all)

They’re messy—most people smoke them in glass you can roll them in a joint or blunt, but don’t put them in a grinder

Have them in a awesome, dry place you don’t desire them receiving all melty on you

How you can make your own moon rocks at home

Though moon rocks are traditionally created using GSC flower or GSC concentrate, you will make your own moon rocks however you’d like. All you require is the subsequent:

Buds of the preferred strain

Your chosen liquidy concentrate or hash oil

Big ol’ pan of kief from the base of your grinder

Tongs (or any taking hold of/pinching apparatus)

Liquefied dropper

Stage 1:

Grab a nug or a couple of your chosen flower. I would recommend utilizing one from the denser nugs, as it’ll hold the final cannabis cocktail together far better.

Phase 2:

Grab your favorite concentrate. If it’s very thick and tough to operate, temperature it up until it’s a little bit liquidy

Then use a dropper to totally cover the buds and never have to dip them in the focus. Oversaturation from the bud will lead to longer drying occasions and trouble lighting it.

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