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5 advantages of choosing a drone for land surveys

By using a drone to carry out a land survey has become popular in recent times. As a result of large range of benefits associated with its use, drone surveying is an extremely beneficial tool for most projects. Have more information about Drone Surveyors Winchcombe

Exact and reputable surveying services

Here at South West Surveys, we are professionals in supplying precise and reliable surveying services to get a vast range of building and landscaping design projects. Following the increasing demand, we certainly have recently extra drone land surveys to our extensive repertoire.

We’ve used a look at how drone land surveys work, what they are used for along with their benefits.

How does a drone survey work?

Drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

When utilized for conducting a survey, they catch aerial data by using a LiDAR scanning device and data seize sensors that happen to be attached for the drone. The scanner makes a laser heartbeat which gathers ground specifications by working out of the time it usually takes for that beam of light hitting the ground and reflect rear.

Multiple photos are used of your land below so that you can item together a full snapshot of your space. This maps natural and physical characteristics, contours and elevations with a site.

Making use of the grabbed data, a number of deliverables may be generated. Including both 2D and 3D formats, for example land survey drawings and digital landscape designs. These are typically a good choice for providing a correct digital reflection of pre-existing design and topography.

Crucially, all drone surveys must be undertaken from a individual or company which can be certified through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Despite the fact that drones fly with a reduce altitude than manned aircraft, users must still follow UK aviation regulations.

So what can drone surveying be employed for?

You will find a number of projects that aerial drone surveys can be used, such as:

Topographic surveys

Well suited for gathering data about natural and man-made sites, as well as both small and enormous land regions, a drone survey is well-designed for topographic surveys.

Roof inspections

A drone survey permits fast access to tough-to-get to rooves for inspection, for that reason eliminating the need for time-intense work and high priced equipment.

Construction inspections

For productive monitoring in the on-site progress of the construction project, a drone survey bring a brief method to get as-created data.

Property condition surveys

A drone survey can seize photogrammetry to generate high-image resolution orthomosaics which allow digital visualisation of small and unavailable regions.

Infra-red energy imaging surveys

Ideal for helping ensure BREEAM (Building Research Business Environmental Assessment Technique) compliance, drone surveys can be used for infrared energy detection and thermal imaging on a building or construction site.

Exactly what are the advantages of using a drone for a survey?

Drone surveys have numerous advantages that make them a very beneficial survey solution for most projects. These include:


Employing a drone for any land survey can be a quick and easy way to obtain data. This makes the surveying procedure additional time efficient than other strategies including terrestrial surveys.

Whereas a traditional topographic survey might require two surveyors paying every week on site to collect the data, a drone survey can achieve the exact same generates a couple of hours, even on larger sized sites.

Also, with all the data obtained speedier, plans and versions can be achieved and supplied earlier, ensuing in the speedy turnaround time that lots of clients look for.


As being a drone survey is a lot quicker and considerably less labor extensive than other surveying techniques, it is much more economical.

Some time in which a drone survey may be conducted ensures that much less industry some time and manpower is essential. This slashes the labour charges and so the very same survey data could be collected and supplied in a far lower price total.

Less dangerous Accessibility

With use of a drone, formerly not reachable or harmful areas may be more quickly and safely achieved.

Even though there are several limitations, for example utilization in densely stuffed regions or during negative weather conditions, drone surveys can operate in most locations. Because of this tough ground and unreachable regions might be taken relatively quickly.

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